In a nutshell, is a list of best products that we recommend for most people.

Our experts do not simply select the most pricey item – Instead, we select the products that offer the best value for money and that offer essential feature & functions.

To illustrate: If the “best TV” costs around $1000 and a slightly less premium version with almost the same features and function cost $600, we will select the $600 TV simply because it offers a better value for money instead of the “absolute best $1000 TV” that offer lots of junk features that most people simply don’t use.

We follow certain guidelines:

  • We only consider reputable brands
  • We do not and never will accept compensation for a review onĀ our website. Our reviews are 100% independent.
  • We make commission via affiliate program (such as Amazon Affiliate Program ) – With no additional cost to you.
  • We avoid using jargons or fancy words so that our guides are simple to read.

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